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Hi Andy,

Sorry for the delay, but was swamped the past few weeks.

Thanks for your inquiry to the 04 March 1971 JU-21A loss in SEA. REFNO 1715 is correct, and in using this number, I will try to obtain some update on where the case stands.

Dave Headley, an old 138th SEA Vet, was one of our staff members here at the USAF Life Sciences Equipment Lab (LSEL) from 1997-2006.

He's a good man, and he personally worked 1715 back in 2005, with his conclusions stating that three US Army aircrew members were aboard the involved aircraft, based on the represented Material Evidence/ME flight apparel and equipment.

But as I do not have visibility as to what was Human Remains/HR (if any) were recovered from the a/c loss site in 1992, 1996, and 2000, I cannot give you a current update to this case. I can state that if no HR were found, or identifiable, then the case is still technically open, in spite of the burden of proof of non-survivability demonstrated by the ME. Current that US law ludicrously states that for MIA cases prior to 2005, a service member/SM can only be accounted for via: 1) returned alive to US control; 2) identified using HR. No consideration of ME is given whatsoever.

However, in post-2005 cases, any manner of evidence can be used to account for a US SM (which it has in GWOT, since 2001) . Welcome to the inane and illogical bureaucracy of US law.

As for Harry Ravenna's case, the same ridiculous conditions apply: all ME clearly supports that both men were aboard the U-6A on impact, and did not survive, but since no HR was found, the case cannot be closed, and it will thus remain in limbo, and unresolved.

Very sad and frustrating overall, as this stupidity prevents many MIA families from obtaining full closure towards their loved one's status.

Feel free to email me with whatever questions/comments you have, at any time.


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Veterans of the 138th ASA Co, 138th Avn Co (EW), 138th MI Co

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RU8-D which was flown by the 138th is now on display at the National Cryptologic Museum, NSA Headquarters, Ft. Meade, Maryland.

Members of the 138th who had a reunion there in July, 2007 are:

Front Row Left to Right:
Lewis Krants, John Danclovic, Frank Nicholson,* Lou Spiegel, Danny Moss, Ron Marone, Fred Yates*

Back Row Left to Right:
Don Howard, Robert Dudek, Steve Weinstein, Lansing Williams, Douglas Hackman, Jerry Blackmore

* (now deceased)

photo by Sharon Marone
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Members of the 138th who had a reunion in Saratoga Springs, NY in June, 2010 are:

Front Row Left to Right:
William Peters*, Warren Fuller, Lou Spiegel, Thomas Kerner, Ronald Marone, Steve Weinstein, Danny Moss

Back Row Left to Right:
Rex Myers, Jerry Blackmore, Andrew Rodriguez, Don Howard, Lansing Williams, John Danclovic, Gerald Neylon

* (now deceased)

photo by Steven Weinstein
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Mick McCombs Rex Myers Steve Weinstein Gerald Neylon Ronald Marone Danny Moss Lee Hendley Jerry Blackmore Lew Krantz Eric Rice John Danclovic Lou Spiegel Clark Sullins Dave Horton
Members of the 138th who had a reunion in Orlando, FL in April, 2012 are:

Up Front: Mick McCombs

Left to Right:
Rex Myers, Steve Weinstein, Gerald Neylon, Ronald Marone, Danny Moss, Lee Hendley*,
Jerry Blackmore, Lou Krantz, Eric Rice, John Danclovic, Lou Spiegel, Clark Sullins, Dave Horton

* (now deceased)

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Bob Burman Dick Lindgren Bob Flanagan Gerald Neylon Mike Holm Glenn Toothman ??? Ivan Riggle Dwight Ward Lee Hendley Joe Rockholt Jodie Crouch
Members of the 224th Bn. (RR) at the Old Spooks and Spies Reunion: June 20-23, 2012.
Members are from the various Companies, to include the 138th, 144th, 146th, 156th & 1st RR.

Back Row L-R: Bob Burman, Dick Lindgren, Bob Flanagan, Gerry Neylon, Mike Holm, Glenn Toothman, Unknown At this Time.

Front Row L-R: Ivan Riggle, Dwight Ward, Lee Hendley*, Joe Rockholt, Jodie Crouch.

BTW, it is a tradition to wear Hawaiian shirts to the OSS Banquet.
Those not wearing them either forgot, or this was their first reunion.

* (now deceased)

photo by William Hoffman
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138th 2017 Reunion at the Bilmar Beach Resort on Oct. 7th


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